iTunes Code Generator


How our iTunes Code Generator Work ?

We use a mysql data base and a php/html5 script to store all our stolen codes from the official store, weekly we  public 2500 codes, some kind of giveaway i can say i guess,  last few weeks we get about 1500 daily visitors on our blog, and daily the visitors is growing, if you may wanna get a code you shouldn’t visit our blog daily, but you should be first on Sunday Morning, then at first hour on the morning we usually add new codes on our data base, if you will be able to visit our blog sunday on the morning for sure you’ll be able to enjoy one of our codes !

Watch a video of: Itunes Generator Working

How to use the generator of itunes

  1. First of all open the site generator ( )
  2. Now choice one of the codes, mostly of the 2500 codes are $15 codes, so i highly recommend to use a $15 code !
  3. Now if you’re not a vip, then probably you’ll see a survey, you must complete a survey before to unlock the access to the generator, just follow the offer instructions and the generator will be unlocked .
  4. Now if you got access to the generator wait few more seconds,  now if the script generated a code then just copy and redeem the code on itunes !



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